Wash the Shirt Not the Dog

Wash the Shirt

 Not the Dog


You can get a cooperative dog in/out of a Dirt Shirt in seconds. If they’re feeling feisty, it will still only take a few extra seconds.


We create Dirt Shirts with a dogs shape and anatomy in mind. No zippers or Velcro to get caught on loose skin or fur.


Our shirts can be used in all kinds of environments and weather. They’re made to keep your companion warm, clean, dry, and safe. 


They pack down and can be carried almost anywhere. Purse, backpack, glove compartment, etc. Never leave home without it. 

Doggie Dirt Shirts are pull-over spandex/fleece bodysuits for dogs. Fast, easy and fun.

They were created to keep dogs clean and free of burs, tics, and sand at the beach.

Dirt Shirts prevent snow from clumping on fur in the winter, helping to keep your best friend warm and dry.

They were designed with active dogs in mind, for ultimate comfort and functionality with no zippers, clasps or Velcro to irritate your dog.

“I purchased a set of matching Doggie Dirt Shirts for my three Japanese Chins and they have been a HUGE hit! My guys wear them to the dog park and run around to their hearts’ content never worrying about the muddy, gritty conditions prevalent in the rainy Pacific Northwest. They are able to stay clean and dry and, in turn, keep my car a lot cleaner on the ride home. My seats are also protected from excess shedding on car trips around town, and with three long haired dogs that means a LOT! Not only are they easy on/off but they look pretty adorable too!


Hurray, it arrived! She honestly looks pretty stylish in it, the colors really pop on her. Fit seems good, I will probably order a second one. I can already tell I am going to be glad I ordered this, she took off like a rocket on one of her routes and everything stayed put. And the coverage is super. The underbelly is more covered than I thought it would be and her tail is probably the only thing that is going to be exposed. Easy peasy to get on too. Thank you so much for the prompt service. Both smiling!!!


“We purchased two shirts.  We wanted to let you know how please I have been with them, you made exactly what I had envisioned for our dogs.  Neither one minds wearing them, easy to get on and off, easy to clean.  The really fun part is taking the shirt off and seeing the dirt line, shows up really well on their white furry legs.  Saves so much time cleaning them off when they come in etc. The design is excellent.  I would buy more.”


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